Carvene Gutta Percha Solvent

Carvene Gutta Percha Solvent
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Carvene Gutta percha Solvent: 10ml Jar

Carvene G.P Solvent is used for removing gutta percha at the time of root canal re-treatment. 

Also useful for removing all types of root canal filling materials including Zinc Oxide –Eugenol Cement or as a cleaner for endodontic instruments. 
Carvene is non-hazardous unlike Choloroform /Trichloroethylene which are considered as carcinogenic substances. 
Also it is less volatile as compared to chloroform / Trichloroethylene. 
Carvene G.P Solvent is based on natural substances and therefore it does not cause irritation to oral mucosa and peri-apical tissue. 
Main active ingredient in Carvene G.P Solvent is d-Limonene which is a natural substance extracted from orange oil. 

Product Benefits:

  • Non hazardous/non carcinogenic unlike chloroform/trichloroethylene
  • Less volatile as compared to chloroform / trichloroethylene
  • Based on natural substances d-limonene,doesn't cause irritation to oral mucosa and periapical tissue
  • Evaporation of solvent is less due to low volatility
Country of Manufacture India
Manufacturer Prevest
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